St. Lucia weddings

St. Lucia Weddings

In 2002 St. Lucia received a World Travel Award designating it as the world's leading wedding and honeymoon destination. Looking at what the island has to offer, it isn't hard to imagine why. St. Lucia weddings can almost guarantee a magical time for the bride and groom, complete with warm breezes, Calypso streaming through the air, and friendly people who make every effort to see that St. Lucia weddings go off without a hitch. St. Lucia weddings have the added advantage of scenery so picturesque that choosing among the island's charming tropical locations may just be the most stressful part of the entire event.

St. Lucia weddings can be arranged very easily. Visitors wanting to hold St. Lucia weddings only need to be on the island for two days before the ceremony for the marriage to be considered official. At least four days before their St. Lucia weddings, couples must apply at a local solicitor's office, presenting their passports, birth certificates, and certificate of death or divorce where that applies. To process the documents and to receive the proper certificates after St. Lucia weddings take place, a fee of about EC$500 (approximately US$200) will be charged to each couple.

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