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Villa Rentals - St. Lucia Security & Health

There are only a few security and health issues to be aware on this island if you're staying at one of its villa rentals. St. Lucia crime rates are low, but ordinary precautions (the same as in any other country) should be taken to avoid putting yourself at risk of theft. Do not leave valuable unattended on the beach or in unlocked cars; keep any unnecessary cash in safes, where available, located in villa rentals. St. Lucia tourist boards also advise, logically, against making any blatant displays of wealth.

Health concerns here are of the innocuous variety - a strong sun, bugs in the jungle, and the like - few of which will have any impact upon a stay at St. Lucia villa rentals. St. Lucia health authorities do warn visitors to watch out for the Manchineel tree, whose green apple-like fruit is poisonous to the touch and will cause skin to blister.

On the off chance that an emergency situation does occur, local services are well-equipped to handle residents and guests of all its accommodations, including villa rentals. St. Lucia medical facilities are spread throughout the island and can be reached, as expected, by dialing 911 from any phone at hotels, resorts, and villa rentals. St. Lucia also has pharmacies in most of its major towns, which should be stocked to help all minor ailments like headaches and stomach upset.

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