St. Lucia Map

St. Lucia Map

The island of St. Lucia, part of the arc of Windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, is a lush tropical land of jungle, mountains, and beaches. Dimensions of the teardrop-shaped island, visible on this map of St. Lucia, reach 27 miles end to end, with 14 miles separating its eastern and western shores at the widest point. Trace a line on the St. Lucia map southeastwards from Cariblue Beach, its northernmost tip, and you've traveled an Atlantic coastline. Do the same going southwest and you've passed Caribbean beaches. Straight down the middle of the St. Lucia map runs a mountain chain with peaks rising over 3,000 feet, part of which is swathed in thick tropical rainforest and vast tracts of plantation land, whose produce plays a major role in supporting the nation's economy. Petit and Gros Piton, St. Lucia's famous twin-peak landmarks, are located just west of this high altitude section of the St. Lucia map.

The narrower top half of the map of St. Lucia is where most of the island's nearly 200,000 residents call home. The capital of Castries, visible on the northwestern coast of the St. Lucia map, is a bustling commercial center of 65,000. The majority of St. Lucia's hotels and resorts can also be found in the region, as well as in the fascinating harbor town of Soufriere. Beaches on this calm Caribbean side of the St. Lucia map feature both black and white sands, and lead out to some great spots for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Map of St. Lucia (click map to enlarge)

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