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Island Tours - St. Lucia, West Indies

There are many ways to see St. Lucia, West Indies - from the water, on foot, on wheels, or even in the air - but no one tour will cover the extent of the island's cultural and natural sights. Getting an idea of what each area has to offer and booking tours according to your interests is a good way of taking a lot in during your trip to St. Lucia. West Indies activities don't get much more varied than the ones available here.

Land tours by bus or minivan generally set out from the Rodney Bay area or from Castries, the capital of St. Lucia. West Indies sightseeing tours like this operate across each island in much the same way, with a set price (ranging from US$30 to $130) covering a half or full day's excursion, including a guide.

Helicopter tours are another fabulous way of touring scenic St. Lucia. West Indies nature doesn't get much more exceptional than the mountains and jungles of this tropical isle, and a bird's-eye view will let you get a grasp on the extent of its beauty. Helicopters tours leave from the area around Castries, and can vary in length and price.

The waters around St. Lucia, West Indies, are ideal for a leisurely sail or sunset cruise. Catamarans and cruisers usually set out from marinas in, or just north of, Castries and may occupy up to a whole day, viewing the island's picturesque coastal regions. Most give guests an opportunity to snorkel as well.

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